Duluth the Dragon
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Duluth the Dragon

Duluth Bullies Kids
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Devon Buffett
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Dragon Fairy comes from an enchanted star and has one of the hardest jobs in the universe keeping peace in a magical land where a rude, disgusting and very mean dragon lives.
When Fairy hears that Dragon Duluth is bullying again, she returns to Earth; this time to find a young human named Ashley who can show Duluth that there are better things to do than bullying.

Duluth has lured five children into his cave and is holding them hostage. He will let them go if they smile, but they are all too frightened! Dragon Fairy asks Ashley to accompany her to Dragon Land. Ashley agrees to sing a song that she hopes will make the kids smile.

The book made me realize that one kid can make a difference.
Lauren Zillmer, Age 8

this simple adventures strong-minded heroine is a plus, as is the books lively narrative.
Kirkus Reviews

Duluth the Dragonbalances the real world and fantasy world well.
Foreword Reviews

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