Remember Dewrain
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Remember Dewrain

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D. Milo Newsome
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Sometimes you might not like where and what you are. You may even consider to do something about it. Happily, these changes wont hurt others. But in other cases, many people and things could be affected, and not in a good way.
In his book, Remember Dewrain, author D. Milo Newsome introduces you to a leaf named Amiss. He lives in the heart of a forest and is unsatisfied with himself. Everyone around Amiss tries to convince him of how important he is, but he is so jealous, thinking others are more important. Amiss decides he no longer wants to be a leaf and starts taking over his host, Higittybottom!

Nothing like this has ever happened in this peaceful land. But Amiss is just getting started. He brings something new into this land: evil. Remember Dewrain shows how working together, and love, can stop evil from spreading throughout the land.

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