The Planet of Magical Food
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The Planet of Magical Food

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Henry Kaminski
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Sometimes the unlikeliest heroes come from everyday people.But what about a donut, pizza, and a sandwich?Although unlikely heroes, they are just that in author Henry Kaminskis The Planet of Magical Food. In a story spanning two continents, a glazed donut, a refined pizza, and a chubby pastrami sandwich work together to fulfill the final wishes of a woman separated from her love by war and time. Using the cunning plans of Donut and the strength of Pastrami Sandwich, the three evade international police and New York Citys finest when they are accused of crimes they did not commit. Pizzas sworn mission is their common inspiration.
Illustrated by Linda Kusner, The Planet of Magical Food shows how the trio becomes friends sworn to new adventures, wherever they may lead. And that anyone can be a hero.

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