Dearest Vincent
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Dearest Vincent

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Laurie Reicherter
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During Vincent van Goghs short life, he never knew how much the world would come to admire him for his artistic talent and beautiful artwork. In Dearest Vincent, author Laurie Reicherter offers an approachable and informative childrens art and activity book that shares the life story of Vincent van Gogh. It encourages adults and young children to relish in the masterwork of van Gogh and incorporate his passion and artistry into their own lives.
Offering a host of hands-on activities, Dearest Vincent looks at van Goghs early life growing up in Holland and discusses his portraits, still life paintings, self-portraits and landscapes. It features many of his famous paintings and touches on his relationship with his brother, Theo.

Geared toward elementary students, this guide seeks to instill an early love for art in young learners.

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