From Opposite Sides of the Periscope
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From Opposite Sides of the Periscope

The Trail Is On
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Capt. David C. Minton III USN
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With a war raging in Indochina and a Cold War raging in secret, the spring of 1972 was a perilous time.The question everyone wanted an answer to was whether the bombing and mining campaigns of the Hanoi and Haiphong harbors, announced by President Nixon on May 8, would cause the Soviet Union and the United States of America to collide.During several weeks in 1972, one lone nuclear submarine prevented the tactical morass of the Vietnam War from turning the Cold War hot. The submarine, USS Guardfish (SSN612) commanded by Cmdr. David C. Minton III, secretly followed a Soviet nuclear guided missile submarine K 184 commanded by Capt. First Rank Alfred S. Berzin, from Vladivostok to the South China Sea, in the wake of the mining of the Haiphong and Hanoi harbors, providing real-time information on the Soviet submarine threat.
Follow two young commanders who led different lives but had surprisingly similar careers until they converged in the waters off of Vladivostok.

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