Help Your Executor Before You Leave
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Help Your Executor Before You Leave

The Book You Didn’T Know You Needed
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James Metz
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Once youve chosen your executor to handle your matters after you pass, you assemble a box of documents and refer that person to information on the numerous tasks awaiting in his or her executor year. And then you relax.Not so fast! There are many things you can do now, before you leave, to ease your loved ones burden. Help Your Executor before You Leave can assist you in preparing a list of instructions to help guide your executor through the process. You can provide specific directions that fit your particular circumstances and spare your executor significant work while doing so. Whats more, youll have the chance to identify what is truly important in your life and make the necessary plans for your estate once youre gone. You can feel confident that your affairs will be handled as you wish and gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have done all you can to aid the people youll leave behind.
This guide offers advice and step-by-step processes for those organizing their affairs near the end of their lives and readying to pass them into the hands of an executor.

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