The Prison Book
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The Prison Book

Alcoholism/Addiction: a Life Sentence
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Tamara Segars Ott
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Marley Thomson Marx is practically perfect. Her good looks parallel her above average intelligence and compassion. She has only one flaw: Marley is an alcoholic. Raised in Texas in an upper class, Christian family, Marley is afforded opportunities and advantages in life that most people only dream about. Yet, the darkness of addiction waits in the shadows.
As an adult, Marley succeeds in almost every endeavor she puts effort toward, but at the same time, she must struggle with the oppression of being drawn down by the force of her alcohol dependence. She accomplishes much, but some of her days are spent wondering what happened the night before thanks to alcohol-induced black outs.

A caring mother, loving wife, dedicated daughter, and true friend, middle-aged Marley is imprisoned by the horrific long-term results of her disease. She must now look back over the years and how her life has evolved and devolved. How did this nice girl end up in a place like this, not only in physical hell, but also facing a life-altering chronic condition? As an addict, will Marley ever be free, or will her constant struggle lead to nothing but failure and despair?

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