The Dog That Didn’T Like Leftovers
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The Dog That Didn’T Like Leftovers

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Aachi K. Machi
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Do you know a dog that likes to sit by a chair, waiting for food to dropor be thrownon the floor? Its what all dogs do. Or is it?In author Aachi K. Machis The Dog That Didnt Like Leftovers, youll meet a very special dog named Lucy. What makes Lucy special? She doesnt like the food the baby drops on the floor, especially because its mushy. Youll meet Crunchy Carrot and Awesome Avocado as they come alive to present their nutritional merits in an effort to help Lucys dilemma of avoiding babys leftovers.
The Dog That Didnt Like Leftovers is an innovative approach to finding healthy food choices fun and affordable! It provides opportunities for conversations at the dinner table and helps create positive interactions between people and their pets.

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