The Truth Be Damned
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The Truth Be Damned

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Janet Uhlar
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When Alex Fischer receives a federal jury summons, she fears it is for the upcoming trial of notorious mob boss, Sly Devaney. She has no interest in organized crime. In her mind, it is an evil world she is unwilling to enter. Alex is the perfect juror.
After she is vetted from over six hundred potential jurors, Alex is selected to sit in on the trial of the decade. As the lengthy trial begins, Devaneys attorney declares his client guilty of most of the charges in his opening statement, leaving Alex to wonder why the jury is there. Months of testimony reveal shocking acts of government treachery where murder is rewarded and the media is strangely quiet. Traumatized by deliberations and uneasy with the final verdict, Alex begins relentless research to learn why Devaney was silenced. While immersed in her investigation, she interviews many connected to the case, including Devaney. But will she find a way to expose the injustices divulged during whispered confessions of guilt and substantiated claims of innocence?

The Truth Be Damned is a tale of courage, intrigue, and self-discovery as a juror who served on the mob trial of the decade launches her own investigation into the injustices surrounding the complex case.

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