Vignettes of an Ordinary Life
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Vignettes of an Ordinary Life

Nine Decades Bridging Two Centuries
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Marian Adams
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Not everyone will become rich and famous! For many of us, life will be simple and humble, and perhaps just plain ordinary. But life does present opportunities for making decisions that can lead to happiness, satisfaction, and joy. Our personal stories can be deeply rewarding and filled with lessons even if we dont find riches and fame along the way. In Vignettes of an Ordinary Life, author Marian Adams invites us to share in her life spanning nine decades and bridging two centuries.
Marians ability and training in teaching propelled her economically and socially through a broad spectrum of experiences which transformed her seemingly ordinary life into an extraordinary one. Through opportunities such as directing church choirs and teaching Sunday school, she interacted with many different people and built strong relationships. Inspired by the Holy Spirit to write about the life and times in which she lived, decade by decade, Marian reflects on the political, financial, cultural, career, and family changes that influenced her otherwise ordinary life.

From her early years in the Roaring Twenties through the challenges of the Great Depression, World War II, and beyond, Marian paints a compelling picture of her ordinary life as she searches for the path God planned just for her, knowing that God leads His believers to accomplish the extraordinary according to His purpose.

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