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In God We Trust
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Frank Logan
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Adobe Digital Editions
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David McClurry presents his latest invention, a type of radio-frequency identification (RFID) device, before the department of commerce in June of 2035. Though very interested by the potential applications of this new hardware in an effort to improve the American economy, the department decides to pass on Davids project. Their decision prompts him to try his luck in politics and launch the Americou Political Party three years later. Notwithstanding the lack of campaign and advertisement funds, McClurry runs for president in the fall of 2038. His political party is in limbo after an unexpected arrest and is beaten by John Morey of the Democratic Party. David is sentenced to ten years in federal prison for having avenged the murder of a friend. As Morey comes across Davids project the following summer, he sets him free from prison temporarily and asks him to run The Chip, hopefully improving the economy. Aware of Moreys scheme and unable to fully carry out the Democrats plan, David McClurry becomes the new dictator of the United States and the new leader of an unprecedented postcapitalist world.

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