Peli-Can Invest
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Peli-Can Invest

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Richard Lu
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Pel, a young pelican, is hoping to get toys on his birthday, but all he gets is books.That is until he receives a $500 check from his grandparents, who tell him to use the money wisely. Pels dad, an eagle, says he should invest the money in the stock market so he can buy whatever he wants when he gets older.To learn more about stocks and how they work, Pel and his parents take flight to visit the Coca-Cola Co., and when they arrive, they find one of the companys employees.I have some birthday money that Im considering investing in Coke stock. How would Coke use my money, and how would I get it back? Pel asks.Thats when he learns that the company would use his money to fund its business activities, and when it earns a profit, hed be able to share in the wealth.But Pel has more questions and much more to learn before deciding whether to take the investment plunge. Join him as he decides if the risk of investing is worth the potential reward in Peli-can Invest.

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