Pen-Pal Romance
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Pen-Pal Romance

The Story of Love over Letters During World War Ii
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Margaret Alexander Ronsberg
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First of all, Id better introduce myself. My name is Clayton Ronsberg. Buddie Potter asked me if I cared to write to a very pretty girl, so naturally, I accepted the offer. I hope you wont object to this bold introduction, but I didnt really know how else I would write a first letter to someone I didnt know. Hoping to hear from you soon
In 1942, 16-year-old Margaret Alexander began writing letters to Clayton Ronsberg, better known as Rons, a U.S. Navy sailor. About two years into their correspondence, Rons visited the small town of Old Tappan, New Jersey, to propose to Margaret. They remained engaged while Rons was at sea and married after World War II ended. They were married for sixty years.

Pen-Pal Romance is a true story that details the persistent love that developed over the course of two young adults written correspondence during the Second World War. The book shows not only Rons developing fondness for Margaret but also his love of country. Shared now by the woman who fell for Rons, and misses him dearly, this is a collection of letters that proves true love does existand thrives even in the darkest of times.

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