Writing in the Shower
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Writing in the Shower

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Bonnie Weiss
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Poet Bonnie Weiss presents a collection of stories and poems filled with vivid memories, halfway between verse and prose. Her words are honest, sensitive, and profound but also sometimes humorous, sometimes deep. The style is lyrical and deceptively simple as she presents the incredible power of love and the pain of loss.

In this evocative and entertaining collection, Weiss uses colorful images and description. See and hear the bees, hummingbirds, and ocean. Yet it goes beyond the visceral to the emotional in poems like My Shrine to You:

I love you; you gave me your love.

And now a whole year without you,

a lifetime without you,

without the glory of you.

Autumn has passed.

Winter is here.

Its message lies deep within bare trees,

their rich sap husbanding energy.

I am pregnant with the sap of winter.

I gaze at the snow blossoms on the pear tree

And wonder, Will spring arrive for me?

Empathize with the pain but find beauty and joy, too, as you walk the poets path to truth and enlightenment.

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