Gone from Our Sight
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Gone from Our Sight

The Raw, Unspoken Truth
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The Widows
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When death knocked at their doors, their husbands departed, and they realized the true meaning of those words they all had uttered, Till death do us part. Gone from Our Sight offers a personal and engaging collection of reflections from widows who loved their husbands and now share their personal memories.The stories, all anonymous, discuss the death of partners from a variety of walks of life and from an array of causes, via pneumonia, heart attacks, suicide, renal cell carcinoma with metastasis to the liver, hypertension, edema, congested heart failures, prostate cancer, diabetes, lung cancer, and acute myeloid leukemia with cellulitis. Honest and heartfelt, each widow shares her truth regarding diagnosis, family, funerals, emotions, and recovery. They provide a glimpse into their challenges.
The book not only provides personal accounts, but practical and spiritual lessons learned while experiencing the loss of a spouse. The authors invite others to take from their experiences, prepare, be encouraged, grieve without shame, and learn to be joyful.

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