The Arctic Fairies of Oylara
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The Arctic Fairies of Oylara

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Johnathan Fontenot
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Oylara is a beautiful world made up of many different environments. It is abundant in natural resources and home to strange and wonderful plants and animals. Fairies protect the world from harm. They are the guardians who work to keep Oylara healthy and beautiful, and now, they are needed more than ever as thePollutoids arrive with ill intent.

An alien race, they have decided to hunt one of Oylaras most amazing animals. Lord Admiral Coaltus has focused the Pollutoids attention on a food source in the Arctic, namely the Great Ocean Leviathan. Kirstie is a young Arctic fairy. To survive the cold climate, she is covered in white fur and has wings that allow her to fly underwater and watch over her beloved beasts.

When one gentle Leviathan is injured, Kirstie considers it a declaration of war. She will act to defend these majestic creatures and stop the evil Pollutoid agenda. This lone, brave fairy must put an end to the attack before both her Arctic home and the world of Oylara are destroyed. The Arctic Fairies of Oylara is an action adventure tale with strong female characters, a cunning and dangerous adversary, and a message about the environment for us all.

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