Count Us All in Together
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Count Us All in Together

Poems for Children and Adults
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Janice Peters Sean
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Stop, Stay, Evaporate,Letting free the knowing that all are part ofEbb and FlowContinuous cycles,Come and Go.Counting is fun when it involves using clues from a poem and playing hide and seek. Likewise, navigating life's everyday events can be made easier for teens and adults through poems that challenge us to examine our mindsets and provide hope that we are not alone.
Janice Peters Sean, a seasoned educator, begins by using brightly painted pictures to encourage preschoolers to practice counting from one to ten while exploring nature, animals, stars, and families. Sean follows with a collection of inspirational poems and abstract paintings created to help teens and adults cope during difficult times and find creative solutions to some of life's most complex problems.
In this collection of poems and paintings, a seasoned educator provides an important message for any age that we are all in this together.

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