Happy Island and the Typhoons
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Happy Island and the Typhoons

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Antonia Babauta Lyzenga
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When the typhoon warnings alert Deno and his ten-year-old sister, Lela, about the coming bad weather to Happy Island, they know exactly what they need to do to stay safe. After the storm blows over the two children find their home destroyed and their parentswho had been fishing when the storm hitmissing. Deno and Lela travel to another island to live with Aunt Mina and Uncle Hector. They work hard to make money to pay for Lelas cleft palette surgery.
Meanwhile, their parents, Kim and Anna, survive the storm and wash up on a deserted island. Their goal is to repair the boat so they can return home to their children. While exploring the land, they make an important and fruitful discovery.

A book for young readers, Happy Island and the Typhoons tells the adventure story of Deno and Lela who overcome tragedy and obstacles to find family and love.

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