Zion’S Saving Grace
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Zion’S Saving Grace

A Journey of Fear to Faith, Heartbreak to Hope
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Denetria Moore
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We all have times when someone disappoints us. But what do you do when God disappoints you? Just like Job, you worship.
Zions Saving Grace is a look inside a mothers heart as she wrestles with her son being born to die so that others may live. For five years, author Denetria Dee Dee Moore and her husband tried to get pregnant. All they wanted was a son. They rejoice when they discover they are having a son, but happiness turns to sadness when the parents learn they will lose him. Moore shares her experiences as they come to terms with their sons fate. They wrestle with the question, What do you do when it is God that you need to forgive?

Zions Saving Grace is a journey of fear to faith, heartbreak to hope, sadness to joy, patience to triumph, and grief to grace. It is the story of true worship. This book will encourage you not to give up on Gods grace and to continue to walk by faith, not by sight. You will smile again. God is a Spirit: and they that worship Him must worship Him in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24).

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