Finley Finds a Friend
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Finley Finds a Friend

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Lauren Wyckoff
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Finley is a sweet and lovable dog who loves to run and play. At night, she sleeps in the woods near her favorite park. Even though she is scared of the dark, Finley tries her best to be brave. Still, it is not easy to be homeless.
During the day, Finley tries to play with the children and other dogs at the park. Sadly, they yell at her to stay away. They think she will be mean because she is a pit bull. Finley is so sad. Sometimes she wishes she was different so people would like her. But one night when a boy becomes lost in the woods, Finley finally gets her chance to prove that she is just as loving as any other dog.

In this heartwarming childrens story with a powerful message, a special relationship develops between a pit bull and a lost boy that teaches about the power of kindness and acceptance.

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