My Nightmares, My Dreams, and My Realities
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My Nightmares, My Dreams, and My Realities

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Joelle S. Kishek
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Every night, a young girl goes to sleep and has fantastic dreams. She dreams of being a star basketball player one night. The crowd goes wild when she makes the game-winning shot. Next, the little girl dreams of life as a famed actress. Again, the audience adores her, showering her with applause. What else does she dream?
Well, of being a writer, of course. She goes to school and talks all about her book. After each of these dreams, the little girl wakes up, sad that the dreams are over but are they? Could all of her dreams come true? Its possible, but she cant just sit around and dream; she must work hard to reach her goals and make her wildest imaginings reality.

To all the dreamers in the world and for anyone who has been told he or she is not good enough, this book is for you. For anyone who has been told his or her dreams will never come true, this young girls journey is yours. Never stop following your dreams, because the more you chase them and the harder you work, the more they will be within your grasp.

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