Smile Through the Clouds
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Smile Through the Clouds

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Eileen Kerr Blakeman
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Their sounds never reach my ears.Muffled, hidden, yet free to breathe.Atop, soft and feathery without fears,A momma draped gently as a wreath In a delightful collection of essays and poetry, Eileen Kerr Blakeman transforms ordinary thoughts into amusing writings that encourage all of us to find the humor in life.
Blakeman reflects on why there are holes in a soap dish, why it is so hard to find a runaway pill that has fallen on the floor, whether peanut butter coffee is delicious or not, why a little snow at Christmas and the arrival of spring pansies bring joy, and why good things come when we least expect them. Included in her delightful collection are light-hearted poems that address the many wonders of nature such as two pigeons who waddle and doddle, busy birds who whistle from afar, a pet rabbit who hides in the desert grass, and a hungry yellow cat.
Smile through the Clouds shares a compilation of essays and poems that provide a whimsical look at the fun side of life.

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