True Love
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True Love

Wait! What Is True Love?
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Priscilla Alan
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In a world where we use the word love every day, why is it that so many dont have a clear understanding of what it really is? What is it all about, and how do we find a love that will last a lifetime? True love is moreso much morethan any book can capture, but there is at least one person who has lived it.In True Love, author Priscilla Alan shares her story of one young girls struggle to be loved and how she found the true love that changed her life forever. Searching for this love at even a young age, Priscilla would sadly find only abuse and neglect with the various relationships in her life. But through it all, she knew true love was out there, and she shares her story in the hopes that it will help others who may be in search of this same true love that she has foundthe love of Jesus Christ.
Priscilla never dreamed her search for true love would take her where it has. Throughout her life, love meant many different things, both good and bad, but in the end she discovered what true love is all abouta love that she never thought was possible, but that is available for all of us if we believe.

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