Parenting Teen Girls 24/7
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Parenting Teen Girls 24/7

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Meryl Fishman
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comprehensive guide to parenting teen girls in a changing world whether its about bugs, boys or boobs or coping with todays tough realities such as cyberbullying, addiction, pregnancy, sexual identity, and peer pressure.
Parenting Teen Girls 24/7 gives parents ways to prevent and solve problems. The book is easy-to-read and well-organized and has the proper balance of serious advice and empathy with a little humor thrown in as well.

Carmen Gutwirth, Phd. Psychology

Parenting Teen Girls 24/7 offers practical, timely, and easy-to-follow advice with examples as to how to navigate raising a teenage daughter. Its a great gift for any parent of an adolescent or teen daughterits a gift that keeps on giving right through high school, college and beyond.

Victoria Penzel, MSW LCSW

Parenting Teen Girls 24/7 is a 21st Century guide for raising your precious daughter. Ms. Fishman has written a straightforward, comprehensive how-to for keeping your daughter safe in a changing world while holding onto a loving relationship.

Charlene J. Krygier, MA-ED.

In memory of Dr. Jack Fishman, the developer of Naloxone, Ms. Fishman will donate 10% of her proceeds to not-for-profits that help prevent or treat drug addiction.

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