2Q and Sin Byron’S Broken Crystal Mirror Pieces
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2Q and Sin Byron’S Broken Crystal Mirror Pieces

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Joshua Ra Dundas
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In one being exists both a wondrous incarnate light, called 2Q, and a mysterious dark side, Sin Byron. They speak to each other through a powerful crystal mirrorbut their back-and forth upsets the balance and shatters the mirror to pieces, bringing their different dimensions into contact with each other.Now they must travel through the mind and soul to collect the pieces of the crystal, dealing with demons seeking to destroy the love that might exist there. While 2Q hopes to bring love back to his desolate heart, Sin Byron struggles against the corruption of the promise of power and his insatiable weakness for women, drawn by lust, desire, and temptation. Only time will tell if the twin halves will succeed and rebuild their lives.
Offering an exploration of a spiritual quest to open hearts and minds, this novel presents a timeless story of pure love and of the consuming demons who wish to destroy it.

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