A Separate God
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A Separate God

Journal of an Amish Girl
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Elizabeth Kaiser
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2nd EDITION, UPDATED WITH A REVISED ENDINGRaised in an Old Order Amish family, Rachel dreamed of living a life of joy and freedom. But her stringent upbringing prevented her from living the life she imagined. In A Separate God, follow Rachel as she grows up Amish and begins a pilgrimage from beneath the shackles of oppression, abuse, and dissatisfaction into the liberty of self-discovery. Though she embraces the beauty of the Amish and the love of her mother and father, she also exposes the darkness her community hides from the outside—the disturbed, twisted transgressions that are swept under the carpet. After years of reluctantly submitting to their rigid principles, Rachel will finally find the courage to resist the Amish structure and discover healing from a new culture that would alter much more than just her appearance.Amish society is more complex than the somber garb and horse-drawn carriages. Rather, it is a society and culture as riddled with hypocrisy as the so-called Great Society around them—a world that Rachel struggles unendingly to adapt to, an outsider even there as she looks back to the nostalgic simplicity of her past.

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