Carlos Coming to America
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Carlos Coming to America

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Carlos R. Barron
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Carlos R. Barron grew up in Bolivia, but he was determined to come to the United States of America.
He and his friend, Enrique, went to extraordinary lengths to make their dream happeneven infiltrating the Amerian Embassy in La Paz, Bolivia, to plead ther case before
being stopped and interrogated (and eventually let go) by American civilian police.

They also wrote a letter to President Dwight Eisenhower seeking his help in coming to the U.S.A. and they were astounded when he wrote back, suggesting they apply to certain institutions. three years later, the author was accepted to the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Barrons mother had to sell her house to pay his $350 airfare, and he was able to cash in a small scholarship to help pay for his studies, but he was on his own after arriving in the United States in September 1958.

After a professor sponsored Barron for a green card, he became an official resident, and before long, he was drafted into the Army. He looks back at his amazing adventure in this memoir.

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