Fractured Memories
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Fractured Memories

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Joyce Tyquiengco
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With hatred fueling her success, Jaime Tyler, software entrepreneur, lives clouded and alone. Receiving a grave diagnosis after a near fatal accident, Jaime finds herself begrudgingly returning to her island home. She doesnt have as much time as she hoped. Her memory is deteriorating rapidly, and she might have only a month before all she once knew is gone.
For two decades, Jaime has been blinded by aversion, incited by a violent past. Shes always had feelings for her best friend Meg, although shes been careful to keep those feelings under wraps. After all, Jaime is not one to lean on anyone. With her arrival on her home island, however, things change as Meg comes to Jaimes aid and admits to years of veiled feelings.

Is it too late for these women to find love? As Jaimes condition worsens, Meg must fight to break down her beloveds boundaries. Wading through Jaimes past, Meg discovers more than she expected as Jaime comes to realize the one person shes always needed has been Meg all along. Together, they could find a moment of happiness, but will the past and Jaimes declining health leave them forever fractured?

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