Fiori Legend
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Fiori Legend

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Autumn McKenzie
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Miko Fiori is a powerful and handsome Greek mercenary following in his fathers footsteps. Gifted with a muscular body that is impossible for women to ignore, Miko has certainly had his share of women. Yet lust and desire are all he has given of himself until the day a beautiful, green eyed vixen walked into his life and changed everything.Skye Avalon, daughter of a high-ranking Irish member of the IRA, can arouse passion in a man with just one look. But as of yet, she is as untouched as newly fallen snow. When she is captivated by Miko at a charity ball, her friend, Tess, discloses his secret profession and makes Skye swear not to tell anyone. But Skye is not the only one who was bewitched that day. As they become embroiled in a torrid romance, Miko and Skye must attempt to survive seemingly insurmountable odds as their passionate journey leads them from the beautiful, languid Greek Islands to the turbulent unrest in Ireland where mercenaries clash in a battle with the IRA, a confrontation fueled by mens lust for power and the need to settle an old score.
Fiori Legend is a sizzling romance with a twist of wicked betrayal, danger and deceit, as a ruthless rogue mercenary finds unexpected love, but must battle Irelands powerful IRA to survive and keep it.

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