Eileen: the Lonely Christmas Tree
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Eileen: the Lonely Christmas Tree

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Dolapo Adeniji-Neill PhD
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Its the day after Thanksgiving. Eileen, the lonely Christmas tree, lives uphill on Chapmans farm in a village called Saxtons River in Vermont. Its the hope of all Christmas trees that they are chosen to go home with someone to make a holiday special.
Year after year, Eileen watched as her fellow trees went to Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, and even New York. Eileen has stayed behind because no one picked her. But one special day, she goes home with Sam, his mother, and their dog, Bailey, to a place called Maple Grove. Eileen cant wait to get all dressed up with lights, ornaments, and bows.

This poetic picture book for children shares a story of love, celebrations, and hope as Eileen the Christmas tree finds a special place in one familys hearts and home.

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