The California Club
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The California Club

A Modern Contract Bridge Bidding System
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Vic Sartor
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Bridge is a complex card game that consistently tests the creativity and brain power of its players. One of the most important aspects of the game is bidding, the way players convey information about their hands to their partners. They use this information to try to reach the optimum contract on any particular hand.Vic Sartor is a retired teacher and seasoned bridge player who has developed a bidding system he calls The California Club over a 50-year playing career. Some of the ideas presented here are completely original, while others are what the author believes are improvements to commonly used treatments.
He presents his suggestions with a touch of humor, freely acknowledging that many of them may be considered a bit unorthodox for widespread public adoption. For instance, it is not clear how many players will rush to start using the Rube Goldberg No Trump or the One Diamond with Muscles two of his more colorful inventions.
Nevertheless, players who may be thinking about trying a strong club system or who already play one may find many useful ideas here, whether or not they decide to give the entire system a try.

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