An Ordinary Woman, an Extraordinary God
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An Ordinary Woman, an Extraordinary God

True Supernatural Stories
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Bernadette Auerbach
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Author Bernadette Auerbach has had numerous brushes with the supernatural and the Holy Spirit over the course of her life. Now she shares true tales of those events with the aim of educating and encouraging others in their faith.
From visions of Jesus to encounters with a guardian angel and the grim reaper, along with many incidents involving supernatural instruction and words of knowledge, Auerbach describes her various otherworldly occurrences drawn from a lifetime of seeing more than she expected to. Through these descriptions, she hopes others will become excited about the potential for their own spiritual adventures and answers to their prayers. Most of these stories began as simple accounts presented in a series of e-mails, intended to show that God will talk to mortals, if we will only reserve time for Him, so that we can hear Him.

In these personal narratives, one woman recounts her real-life supernatural experiences with the Holy Spirit and other forces in her daily life.

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