Out of the Deep
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Out of the Deep

Book One
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Michael F. Guidry
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Dr. David Keats is a clinical psychologist and educator who is in grave danger. After he realizes a psychopath student is wreaking havoc on campus, he shows up for his standing Friday afternoon lunch date with plastic surgeon, Elizabeth Davenport. But what he does not know is that a storm has been brewing for months and he is going to stop it.Dr. Keats thinks he can trust Elizabeth. When her co-worker informs him he shouldnt, he realizes he is somehow entangled in a complicated web of deceit and murder. After he realizes he cannot hide, Dr. Keats unknowingly seeks refuge with a CIA special ops group. The group has been provided cyber intel by a band of young hackers known as the Bricoleurs and are waging a secret war on human trafficking. Desperate and out of options, Dr. Keats joins the group and finds himself headed for the Big Easy to carry out a deadly assignment. Now he must determine who he can trust, before it is too late.
In this thrilling tale, a college professor on a dangerous journey to stop human trafficking must unravel a complex mystery to save himself and others from an untimely end.

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