The Midnight Manhunters
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The Midnight Manhunters

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Steven L. Neff
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Marie is a middle-aged woman who just lost her husband. Her grief and loneliness unlock a dormant genetic tendency to manifest as a menacing feline creaturean inherited trait. While on an antique shopping expedition, Marie purchases an ancient statue of the Egyptian Cat of Bast, despite a vague warning from the shop owner, and Maries life changes forever.
The statue awakens an inner power that triggers her feline heritage, and Marie experiences full and partial transformations that compel her to attack and injure as well as kill. Her human persona also begins to change as she becomes strong and willful, shedding her former timid personality. However, Marie is not the only powerful paranormal creature in town.

Lysandra is a centuries-old vampire living an upper class life of leisure when she becomes aware of the strange cat that stalks the night. Marie and Lysandra meet at a Halloween party. They pursue the same victim: a young man they both desire in order to satisfy their lust for flesh and blood. It is a deadly clash between a once simple woman, now monster, and a beautiful immortal, fated to meet as they indulge in a ghastly manhunt.

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