21 Halladay Avenue
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21 Halladay Avenue

The Spirit of Success
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Robert J. Flower Ph.D.
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Robert J. Flowers first property he ever listed as a Realtor was 21 HalladayAvenuean address hell forever associate with the fear, ignorance,navet, and insecurity he felt at age twenty-two.So began a career in real estate that has lasted decades. Over the years,hes grown to view fear as a means of moving forward and improving.Facing fear, hes found, is what leads to the spirit of success.In sharing his story, he demonstrates the phenomenal results that anyonecan enjoy with the right mindset. Learn how to: overcome negative thoughts and feelings of hopelessness; avoid being snookered by business partners, tenants, and others; and reinvent yourself as times change.Flower, who left his family business as a young man to venture out on hisown, had his own business by age twenty-three. Ever since, hes been capitalizing on opportunities that others miss. Find out how you can do the samewith the entertaining and informative stories that reveal how to achieve morethan you ever thought possible with a spirit of success.

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