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Rodney Wetzel
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Phillip Parker and Franky Lake are college professors from small-town Michigan, and yet, their lives take a dark turn when they head to Dublin, Ireland, to investigate the murder of two children they suspect died at the hands of a malicious entity. With the help of parapsychologist Dr. Timothy Huffman, they must unravel the secret of Lord Banthom.Banthom was a seventeenth century witch and world renowned Satanist. The murders took place in the house that once belonged to him, and returning to the scene is the professors’ only hope of finding the truth. Their investigation takes a sinister turn when they discover evil forces stronger than they could have imagined.
A malevolent presence has emerged and, with the aid of a homicidal maniac, it seeks only to kill the innocent in search of a lost treasure—one that could tip the scales of ultimate power. This battle between the righteous and wicked unfolds across two continents with the fate of the entire human race hanging in the balance. Parker, Lake, and Huffman are now the world’s only defense against a dark creature that seeks nothing but destruction.

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