How to Be a Woman in Business (While Being True to Yourself)
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How to Be a Woman in Business (While Being True to Yourself)

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Cheryl O’Donoghue MS
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I intended to skim this book to get the gist of it, but was immediately sucked in. Love it!Khali Henderson, Senior
I love Cheryls engaging writing style and how she captured important advice and guidance from impressive and authentic women including herself!
Jacqui Neurauter, BodyMind Therapist and Coach, president and co-founder of the Veterans Restorative

How to Be a Woman in Business is a provocative, quick read for all womenwhether youve just started a career in business, or already logged a few miles and are ready to get re-inspired.
Author Cheryl ODonoghue, a successful businesswoman and certified business and life coach, interviews seven fascinating women and shares practical insightslessons learned and real-life stories that will encourage you to become the self-empowered businesswoman you were meant to be.
Learn how to recognize and apply success strategies from relatable women; determine your financial value at work and ask for promotions and salary bumps with confidence; create more productive business relationships; overcome obstacles in the workplace; and develop a heightened sense of self-awareness.
The author also shares a powerful self-exploration exercise she calls Your Seven Circles, which helps you look within to better understand your strengths, values, and desires, and then shows you how to take inspired action to create a career that aligns with who you really are and whats most important to you in life.
Be true to yourself. This book shows you how!

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