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Neil Winslow
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Adobe Digital Editions
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Mankind and lizard men have been at war for many years. Recently, there has been a truce, but peace is a brittle thing, and there are those who will not accept it. When a camp of lizards hunts too close to the humans, all hell breaks loose. An act of fear leads to a massacre of lizards and men alike. Fires burn the dead, and a lone Journeyman is sent to assess the damage.
Teleth is older in years than many of his compatriots, but he is smart, brave, and has a good heart. Hes horrified when he comes upon the many, many dead but takes pause when he finds a small, abandoned lizard child. Despite its initial hostility, the lizard warms to Teleth, so he names his little friend Vankor, which means fearsome champion.

Its not normal for a human to befriend a lizard, so Teleth worries what will become of them both as they travel lands rife with prejudice. Seeing no other option, Teleth decides to raise young Vankor. Perhaps, their dedication to each other will change the worldor perhaps, the bloodthirsty world is not yet ready to find love amidst the hate.

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