The Ferocious Frog Family
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The Ferocious Frog Family

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John R. Mcgrane
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The life of little frog Tad Ferocious is one of adventure and excitement! It all starts when the crickets show up and eat too much. They also make too much noise, according to Tads pa. The frogs and the crickets must come to an agreementand they do, just in time for Tads legs to grow in. He better be careful, though; the local farm boy loves eating frog legs!
Tads best friend is Susie, and he likes to pick on her a lot. Together, they eat Fly Pie and drink spider juice. They play with other frogs along the shore of the pond, exploring dead logs and climbing new trees. They even make frog angels in the slimy mud. One day, though, Tad notices something different. The air seems a bit chillier than usual.

His pa takes him into the forest and explains that frogs hide in the woods when the weather gets cold. Together, Tad, his family, and his friends prepare their hidden nests and build up cozy places to stay. Susie is always close by, and as winter descends, its exciting to think that one day, Tad wont share his den with Ma and Pa but, instead, alone with his best pal Susie.

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