Mt. St. Helens and the Secret of the Bar-Roo Forest
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Mt. St. Helens and the Secret of the Bar-Roo Forest

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Fran Curtin Gieseke
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Come with me,to the Bar-Roo Trees.
A place which may-
Or may not be.
Meant for just your eyes to see
and live within your memory.

There are seven Bar-Roo Forests on Earth, two are in the state of Washington, on Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Rainier. Mana planted them all. He came from the planet Anon, a planet of volcanoes. Mana was the hope of his world. His quest was to find a new home for the Hibble Gibbles, a race of creatures very friendly and hairy with feet that are at least 2 feet long. Manas favorite forest was the one on Mt. St. Helens. This is where he chose to live his Earth life. There is great magic in the Bar-Roo Forest, everyone speaks the same language. Much of the magic is more of a feeling that the trees are listening to everything. Share the adventure of the Hibble Gibbles as they find a new home, outsmart their enemies the Giant Termites, face the eruption of Mt. St. Helens and find out the Secret of the Bar-Roo Forest.

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