My  Life  with  Wellington
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My Life with Wellington

And Others
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Stephen Phillips
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A he and she, in the full flush of middle age, meet and spend one day together. It becomes a lifetime.
In a tiny terrace house in the heart of London, they create together their very own rural idyll. They breed chickens, ducks, cockatiels, guinea pigs, and cats, and fill the pocket-handkerchief garden with fruit and flowers, sharing the house, garden, and their life with Wellington, a large black Newfoundland.
Their life becomes one of life and death, a story of struggle, of hope and dread against the sentence heart and cancer diagnoses impose upon them.
Find here a world apart, a jewel where beginnings and ends become irrelevant, and the minutiae of their day-to-day existence creates a mosaic, illustrating lifes beauty and joy.

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