Time for a Change
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Time for a Change

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Tanya Anina
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Taya created her own world with her bare hands. In a foreign country, a mother of two children devoted to her husband. She was fighting for survival, but deep inside she wanted romance, to be looked after, loved and cherished. To feel like a woman! What is a young woman thinking about? What are her dreams? What does she worry about, feels sorry for? What does inspire her? What can she forgive, or forever hold the grudge? As in a maelstrom, she threw herself into a relationship with a man who worshipped her. Overcoming the distance, Taya, like a butterfly flew into the light. She didn't know what destiny had planned for her. Betrayal and disappointment are waiting for Taya every step of the way. What is she going to be left with? What is going to be her decision? What does the future holds for her? Whats most important in her life? Deep inside her she is going to find answers to difficult questions. She is going to prove to the world, that she is happy!! Shes a woman!! This book reveals a woman's heart. After reading this book, every woman will gain understanding of what is going to support and help her in a difficult time and push her towards change.

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