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Sofort lieferbar | Lieferzeit: Sofort lieferbar I
Meryl E. Hodgson
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Adobe Digital Editions
Adobe DRM [Hard-DRM]

A perfect holiday for Bindy Hammond means travelling to exotic placessomewhere she can have adventure, fun, and excitement, so when she and her parents arrive at a simple holiday cottage on the coast of Wales, Bindy is not very impressed and cannot imagine anything more boring until she meets Cassie Barton. They immediately strike up a friendship and find that theres more to this quiet part of Wales than they originally imagined. Discovering a strange verse carved into stone, they find themselves on a quest to solve an intriguing puzzle that draws them to the troubled world of a beautiful young girl, strange magical forces, and a powerful adversary.
Having sworn to keep the girl and her problems a secret, Bindy and Cassie commit to finding the answer to the puzzle and realize, with mounting concern, that the destiny of this girl and her strange world lie in their hands alone. Despite the huge challenges they face, they know that if they fail, many people could be in grave danger, including themselves.

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