The Fourth Born Forgives Her Mom
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The Fourth Born Forgives Her Mom

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Honey Bala
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A beautiful woman, dejected by marrying against her will to a person she never liked because of a birthmark on his face and his low earning capability, harbors lifelong animosity towards him and towards life per se. Her strong desire to have a boy since her fi rst pregnancy drives her giving birth to fi ve girls until shefi nally bears a boy as her sixth child. Considering having fi ve daughters from Indian context a curse in tight fi nancial circumstances makes her a sociopath, hard, loveless, cruel and apathetic towards her fi ve daughters breaking their tender hearts, rejecting their innocent demands and trading their priceless
childhood for money which surprisingly turns all the fi ves foes towards each other but compassionate, loving and caring towards her.
Over the years, her own idiosyncrasies take a toll on her health and sanity and she becomes a rare case of paranoid schizophrenic which makes her further savage towards herself and her daughters even when the latter are married and settled in their lives.
Th e extremely sensitive fourth born, self made millionaire girl fi nds out the cause of mother’s abnormal unloving behavior. Having found herself and mother being an integral part of an illusion that was created in higher realms by the consent of both at nonphysical level reveals her own true identity and that of her mother and of everybody else participating in this grand illusory feat called LIFE. Revered by none
other than the ultimate creator of LIFE for her courage, steadfastness and unfl agging tenacity to keep rising over obstacles and challenges sometimes sadly and sometimes humorously on her own without any conventional human guidance and support in form of parents, spouse or professionals, the fourth born forgives her mother and frees her of her longstanding physical, mental, and emotional trauma.

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