Songs for a Blind Date
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Songs for a Blind Date

Josephine Burden
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Josephine Burden
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Songs for a Blind Date is the second in a trilogy. Each book stands alone but is linked by themes of place and the story of Jessica. In the second book, Ernesto, an Italian war orphan, is put on a ship to Australia when he is twelve years old. Ernesto grows into Queensland manhood in the canefields of the North and becomes Ernie, the postman who delivers Jessicas mail in a suburb of Brisbane. By the time Ernie meets Jessica, he has re-invented himself as a bachelor living on acreage with his own mail delivery company. Now he sings snatches of his own song but still yearns for the songs of his mother. Jessica is an established academic, living her own life and working on her PhD. Ernie and Jessica find some joy in each other but is it enough for them both to find new notes to harmonise the clashing chords of their different lives?

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