2012 - the Great Shift
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2012 - the Great Shift

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Chris Kasparis
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Are the London 2012 Olympic Games an Ascension event? We are at the ‘tipping-point’ – Earth is in crisis - can our positive, human energies help us transcend into a new enlightened Humanity? What have the Indigo Kids got to do with 2012? Ancient prophesies – sacred number calendar systems – time-change codes – secrets of personal and global awakening – are all revealed in this extraordinary book and useful 2012 diary.
Chris sets out a positive vision of hope, world good-will and salvation for Humanity and planet Earth. His investigations provide conclusive proof of immense changes which the Ancient Mayan time-keepers prophesied over 2,400 years ago.
Pain-staking research into ancient tribal teachings, astronomy, astrology, controversial cutting-edge science and esoteric wisdom teachings are presented in a practical, highly informative way.
The 2012 diary sections give details of spiritual festivals – solstices – equinoxes and important moon phases. It will inspire you to focus your energies on positive initiatives to help bring about planetary transformation.
Align with his uplifting message and help Humanity ascend into a new Golden Age of enlightenment.

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