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The Iron Spirit

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In this book The Iron Spirit, the author shares her challenges in life: from physical to career and family lives to self-worth and faith. She shares her personal account of her simple solutions to these problems or issues which often had held her back or weighed her down in life.
For several years, where the author struggles to overcome her confusion, repressed anger and frustration at the choices she made, and despite all challenges, the world of sports from running to swimming to cycling and triathlon - seems at last to offer her the gift she longs for: a story that moves her forward as it reveals the truth about human life.

In the years since then, the author has ventured to many places around the world, some on regular visits to places where she could seek a new goal, and some where she rediscovers new people and lessons.

And with all the travels, the story ends with the author who now decides what to do with lifes haunting legacy of love, loss and acceptance while she moves forward and make a positive difference to the world.

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