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Motivation to Destiny Fulfillment

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Eliot Messiah
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Your success is not about what you do or what you do not do in comparison to others; your fulfillment is not about what you have or do not have in comparison to others, but what you do in the plan of God which was designed before you were born with ease, joy, and peace. What you dream to become tomorrow is not about the profession of someone else, but what God has planned for you as a special individual. Someone can have more possession than you do, but if you are in Gods plan in what you are doing, you are more successful than him because you are in your line of destiny. This book is a must read and practice book for all, both young and old. Maybe you are doing something but think you are not happy with it, or youre a teenager or youth with many dreams and cannot identify which one is the perfect destiny, you should read and put God to test in this book. Motivation to Destiny Fulfillment is a book written with the authors life story and fulfillment behind it with biblical examples. You are born not to be a liability on the society or your family, but to live and fulfill destiny to benefit yourself and others. You can do it! You can fulfill your dream with Christ Jesus.

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