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The Opening of the Quran
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Shihab M. A. Ghanem Al Hashmi
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Al-Fatihah is the first and opening chapter in the Holy Quran, and in many ways it represents the essence of this holy book itself. In this opening sura of the Quranused in every mandatory and voluntary prayer in Islamthe one and only God, Allah, summarizes in these seven oft-repeated verses the purpose and mission for humankind.
Al-FatihahThe Opening of the Quran explores the foundational and critical questions addressed in the first sura of the Quran, and it provides a way for both Muslims and non-Muslims who are neither native in Arabic nor competent in reading and understanding Arabic to access this absolutely purposeful set of Quranic verses. Because the Quran cannot properly be translated, the authors have for many years diligently researched scholarly interpretations from both classical and contemporary mainstream scholars so that the concepts of Al-Fatihah can be easily discovered.

The concepts of Al-Fatihah are ultimately simple, uncomplicated, and straightforward, yet in these seven verses containing only twenty-nine Arabic words, anyone interested in opening their hearts and minds to this spiritual journey can find in these words the depth of Allahs mercy and love.

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