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In Pain Almost in Vain

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Haneef Yusoff
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In Pain Almost In Vain is a real-life account of a nervous disorder patient from the moment he was diagnosed, through his journey finding the cure, not curing, up till rehabilitation. His disorder affects his sensory, muscle motors and digestive system. He is still in continuous pain due to his skin hypersensitiveness, burning sensation, muscle cramps, stiffness, numbness, imbalance and a slightly improved digestive system.
He writes about how his disorder brought him to meet different practitioners and people who have changed his outlook towards life. He approached his predicament as a normal human with remorse, anger, frustration and he didn't hide his real feelings. He expressed what he sees and experienced in a casual, sincere and slightly humorous manner.

In Pain Almost In Vain shows how all problems should be faced in a child-like attitude, trying everything possible, listen to suggestions and do it without worrying about the results because we are not the one determining it. He realized from his ailment that out there, people are readily willing to help him, not individualistic as he perceived. He has learned that being with other patients is an education. It is a book about appreciation, love and hope.

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